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My customed made designs are mainly PRIM Necklace chains & Locket Necklaces. My first prim necklaces was made in Early Feburary 2005 while my first locket was sold at Early December 2005 . Well within this period till now, I keep improving my prim work & already sold over 300 necklace chains & designed 8 styles of lockets!! Here are the following are my promotion board of Name chain & 4 style of lockets.

Name Chain Necklace (Released on Feburary 2006)

Yes! All name are crafted by prims , just like logo I use the mirco shape to craft it to a name. My skill keep improving, now i can even add some cute prim shape like "playboy icon", "hearts", "stars"... & my necklace can even make smaller & smaller!!! Been sold many kid, lady or man chain! Keep checking my 2007 blog! Will have name earring, belly chain.. coming. Been making a Chinese script name chain for my special customer too! Well, Will come out for public soon!

Locket Necklaces (Alienbear Design 2005-2006)

Remember when I just start played Second life in 14 September 2005, I find that people in SL like wearing huge gemstone necklaces. I like special & romatic.. That's why I think of Lockets. I keep finding scripter & at last I developed my first Locket necklace in the early December 2005! It is openable with a lovely changable picture; sweet wording engrave inside the locket face; a sparkling gemstone; & some heart particle coming out from the locket!! & I keep improving & keep designing something special. Well! I maybe the first one who bring this idea to SL but now you can find everywhere in SL jewelry shop but I can say that mine is keeping special as I keep designing different style & shape! My Le'cameo branch one even have music & have tons of particle for your selections! Well sure that I've find some nice Victorian style one in other shop in the late 2006. I will keep improving & make it be the most beautiful & special one in SL!!

Here the followings are 4 of my locket designs Before 2007.

Gemstone Round Locket Necklace (Man/Lady/Kid)

(Released on Decemeber 2005)

This was my 1st locket design & now you can still ordered. Just touch the picture & check what's special for this lockets. Well comparing with my first design, nowday my round locket is much more smaller than the existing one :)

Heart shape Locket Necklace (Lady/Kid)
(Released on August 2006)

So many customer ask me to make a heart shape locket one & at last in August 2006, I finally make this heart shape locket & with all the same function of my round locket one. But then I find that the heart shape is way to big & the necklace style is seems not perfect so I rewrite the scripts & make the necklace more smooth & the heart more small & with tiny little diamonds. The one show below was my new Heart locket with diamonds. Well I even have a Vday2007 styles lockets too , just read my 2007 design blog. The new heart locket is still available for order. I have one that with the heart locket but will no diamond too :) just ask me in world !

Halloween 2006 Coffin Locket (Man/Lady/Kid)

(Released on Oct 2006)

(Retired Halloween Limited editions & just had 30 orders)
Did you think of having a coffin locket with you laying inside the locket in Real life? Well yes to be honest I want one but can't find any so I make here for the halloween!! It have bat particles coming out :D So many gothic style people love this design. Apart from this, I made one that have a texture skelton inside the coffin & can open too!! Please read the limition edition page & you will find what did it look like!

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bao said...

hi, i am very interesting for getting one locket, i have been searching this for few month until i found you. by the way, i am looking for a musical locket. so, do you make this kind of locket and please provide me some information of have to make an order and so on, thanks for your concern