Thursday, March 01, 2007


During Oct2005-Dec2006, I've been design many cute & innovative Prim jewelries for every seasons including Christmas2005, Halloween 2006 & Christmas2006. Here the following will list out some pictures about these release.

CHRISTMAS 2005 (Dec 2005)

The old pictures are already lost, so I remade the prims & pictures in Dec 2006. But the design are same as those when I was released in 2005. They are snowflakes, snowman, 3D Bells, 3D Christmas stick & the Christmas tree.

HALLOWEEN 2006 (Oct2006)

In Halloween 2006, I designed 2006 Halloween coffin picture Locket (Limited Edition) & 2006 Halloween Openable coffin (Limited edition). Apart from these 2 limited edition Necklace, I designed a cute Spider Necklace, Spider Earrings & Spider Belly rings for sell too.

I even designed a jewelry sets for the Pumpkin hunt in some of my mini spots. Once you collect 3 pumpkins, you will get the Cute Bat Heart set with necklace, earrings & belly ring.

CHRISTMAS 2006 (Dec 2006)

In Christmas 2006, I designed more cute jewelries. They are Christmas Candy Stick, Ribbon(4 stone colours), Bell (3 stone colours with 2 style earrings & little angel.

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