Thursday, March 01, 2007


(Released on Oct 2006)

Apart form the 2006 halloween Cofin picture Locket , This is another one Limited edition items I released. It is an alpha skelton laying inside the openable locket necklace. In SL, there is only 13 men, 13 ladies & 13 kids wearing this cool coffin necklace. Bat even come out from the coffin if you type command.


My customed made designs are mainly PRIM Necklace chains & Locket Necklaces. My first prim necklaces was made in Early Feburary 2005 while my first locket was sold at Early December 2005 . Well within this period till now, I keep improving my prim work & already sold over 300 necklace chains & designed 8 styles of lockets!! Here are the following are my promotion board of Name chain & 4 style of lockets.

Name Chain Necklace (Released on Feburary 2006)

Yes! All name are crafted by prims , just like logo I use the mirco shape to craft it to a name. My skill keep improving, now i can even add some cute prim shape like "playboy icon", "hearts", "stars"... & my necklace can even make smaller & smaller!!! Been sold many kid, lady or man chain! Keep checking my 2007 blog! Will have name earring, belly chain.. coming. Been making a Chinese script name chain for my special customer too! Well, Will come out for public soon!

Locket Necklaces (Alienbear Design 2005-2006)

Remember when I just start played Second life in 14 September 2005, I find that people in SL like wearing huge gemstone necklaces. I like special & romatic.. That's why I think of Lockets. I keep finding scripter & at last I developed my first Locket necklace in the early December 2005! It is openable with a lovely changable picture; sweet wording engrave inside the locket face; a sparkling gemstone; & some heart particle coming out from the locket!! & I keep improving & keep designing something special. Well! I maybe the first one who bring this idea to SL but now you can find everywhere in SL jewelry shop but I can say that mine is keeping special as I keep designing different style & shape! My Le'cameo branch one even have music & have tons of particle for your selections! Well sure that I've find some nice Victorian style one in other shop in the late 2006. I will keep improving & make it be the most beautiful & special one in SL!!

Here the followings are 4 of my locket designs Before 2007.

Gemstone Round Locket Necklace (Man/Lady/Kid)

(Released on Decemeber 2005)

This was my 1st locket design & now you can still ordered. Just touch the picture & check what's special for this lockets. Well comparing with my first design, nowday my round locket is much more smaller than the existing one :)

Heart shape Locket Necklace (Lady/Kid)
(Released on August 2006)

So many customer ask me to make a heart shape locket one & at last in August 2006, I finally make this heart shape locket & with all the same function of my round locket one. But then I find that the heart shape is way to big & the necklace style is seems not perfect so I rewrite the scripts & make the necklace more smooth & the heart more small & with tiny little diamonds. The one show below was my new Heart locket with diamonds. Well I even have a Vday2007 styles lockets too , just read my 2007 design blog. The new heart locket is still available for order. I have one that with the heart locket but will no diamond too :) just ask me in world !

Halloween 2006 Coffin Locket (Man/Lady/Kid)

(Released on Oct 2006)

(Retired Halloween Limited editions & just had 30 orders)
Did you think of having a coffin locket with you laying inside the locket in Real life? Well yes to be honest I want one but can't find any so I make here for the halloween!! It have bat particles coming out :D So many gothic style people love this design. Apart from this, I made one that have a texture skelton inside the coffin & can open too!! Please read the limition edition page & you will find what did it look like!


I placed out lucky chairs in Le'Bear Castle since Aug 2006 to gain more attractions & tried to creat something for visitors/ customers to collect. Yes, all my lucky chair set is specially designed for lucky chairs. Each set will last for 2 months. You can't buy from me but just can collect from my lucky chairs in each stated period. The interesting thing is it is not just collect from 1 lucky chair but from different lucky chairs within my castles. It is a interesting collection games not just only require "luck" but also need to find all chairs hiding in the castles. Here's are the lucky chair sets within Aug2006 - Dec 2006.




All my jewelries designed for lucky chair are kinda fancy but they are VERY detailed & crafted by prims. Besides, all are my original designs. Everytime when I place out them, it will creat a collections wind blowing everywhere in SL. Love them ? Sorry not for sell but maybe If you have luck ,you can find that in somewhere maybe in a yard sell or in a shopping mall corner. As someone told me some people collect my lucky chair gifts & then put out for sell. Good luck!


During Oct2005-Dec2006, I've been design many cute & innovative Prim jewelries for every seasons including Christmas2005, Halloween 2006 & Christmas2006. Here the following will list out some pictures about these release.

CHRISTMAS 2005 (Dec 2005)

The old pictures are already lost, so I remade the prims & pictures in Dec 2006. But the design are same as those when I was released in 2005. They are snowflakes, snowman, 3D Bells, 3D Christmas stick & the Christmas tree.

HALLOWEEN 2006 (Oct2006)

In Halloween 2006, I designed 2006 Halloween coffin picture Locket (Limited Edition) & 2006 Halloween Openable coffin (Limited edition). Apart from these 2 limited edition Necklace, I designed a cute Spider Necklace, Spider Earrings & Spider Belly rings for sell too.

I even designed a jewelry sets for the Pumpkin hunt in some of my mini spots. Once you collect 3 pumpkins, you will get the Cute Bat Heart set with necklace, earrings & belly ring.

CHRISTMAS 2006 (Dec 2006)

In Christmas 2006, I designed more cute jewelries. They are Christmas Candy Stick, Ribbon(4 stone colours), Bell (3 stone colours with 2 style earrings & little angel.


To gather all my jewelry lovers, I established my Jewelry group "Alienbear Design & Le'cameo Jewelry" in August 2006. To thanks all of my jewelry lovers keep supporting me, I designed a member set that represent my design to gift all the members. Other than that , I also designed some member sets for all my valuable members in every seasons like Christmas, halloween etc. Here the following are the member sets I gift to my valuable group members. All of them are not for sale & is in copy permission only.

2006 Group member Set (Released on August 2006)

This set is based on my "Alienbear Design" Logo. All are handrafting by prims with an elegant babyblue moonstones. It can show "Simple, detail prim work but elegant" of my design.

Who can get this? :- All members who join my group

Halloween Member Gifts (Released on 30 October 2006)

I like coffin so I design this coffin as member gift in halloween 2006. I did have 2 coffin lockets that can be opened in this halloween 2006 too. Just check limited edition items / lockets & you will find them. All are handrafting by prims.

Who can get this? :- All members who join my group before 0:00 on 30 October 2006.

Christmas Member Gifts (Released on 23 December 2006)

These are christmas gift for members. You can find that I group all 2005 & 2006 xmas collections prim necklace pendant to make the kid necklace. While for the lady one, I use the star part of lucky chair gift Dec/Jan & my snowflake/ snowman design as the main design of this lady member necklace gift. Well, man is the most difficult part for me as my design are so lady like. So I think of reindeer horn. & Yes, all of them are crafted by prims.
Who can get this? :- All members who join my group before 0:00 on 23 December 2006.